Detail Services

Why not make the interior of your car as clean as the exterior with expert car detailing from Classic Express Car Wash in Fayetteville, NC? We have a wide range of car detailing to offer our customers that will fit your budget and give you that new car look and feel.

Car Detailing

Express Details
Express Wax $40
Express Seats Cleaning $40
Express Carpet Shampoo $40
Express Super Interior $40

Partial Details Exterior

High Speed Buffing and Polishing  car $85   and   $125 Trucks &  Suv – Complete Body Only
Dark colors such as black, blue and some darker brown exterior will have additional cost involved due to extra time and care needed to finish the job.  Additional cost would be predetermined during initial exterior inspection.

Headlight Restoration $130
Clay-Bar to remove micro contaminates and film  and tar from paint   $65 cars  and  $85 Truck & Suv

Full Details

Full  Interior detail includes: A complete wipe down of the interior, cleaning all nooks and crevices with a high pressure air line, then a complete vacuum and carpet and seat shampooing . If seats are leather then seats will be cleaned then leather conditioned.  Headliner and Trunk is not included with this package.  Seats will not be unbolted to be cleaned .  However quick release or ejection seats would be removed cleaned and dried then reinserted.

A Full Exterior detail includes: A complete exterior wash, then orbital buffing of scratches and scuffs, then polished and waxed. Tires and wheels cleaned and shined.  Truck beds and car trunks are not included in this package.

A Full Interior/Exterior detail: Includes Engine compartment, truck bed, or car trunks.  This package does not include  clay-bar, headliner or wheel well cavities only tires and rims.  So if there is a lot of tar or paint build up this would not entail part of the detail however arrangements can be made to clean those areas at an additional cost determined by management.

An interior or exterior details takes about 4 hours and a full detail takes about 6 hours depending on the severity and typically requires an appointment.

Additional cost may be incurred based on over-all severity of work to be completed or special detail requirements for sanitation including, blood, urine, feces, vomit, gasoline, oil, paint, tar, tree sap, and cigarette smoke removal procedures.


Full Interior/Exterior $150
Interior $85
Exterior $85

Big Trucks / SUV’s
Full Interior/Exterior $175
Interior $95
Exterior $95

Mini Vans / Jeep Wrangler & Hummer
Full Interior/Exterior $200
Interior $125
Exterior $125

Motor Cycles
Full Body Detail Sport/Enduro $200
Full Body Detail Harley $275

Wash & Polish Sport/Enduro $125
Wash & Polish Harley $175


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